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Download MP3 Summer Break & ALLFOR PJM】朴政珉— Summer Break! 专辑全碟试听..Kim Kyu Jong ، Park Jung Min - 'Summer Break .. Some important points from the reports by HotOfficial Fan Meeting "Romantic Brunch with KYU...'

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 ALLFOR PJM】朴政珉— Summer Break! 专辑全碟试听


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یه فن کم از اجرای آهنگ های مختلف تو ژاپن هم اضافه شد

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Kim Hyung Jun Twitter update - 080814
Eng Trans: @xiaochu1004

 امروز به کنسرت ادی کیم میرم ^^
!!Trans:: Gotta go to Eddy Kim's concert today
!!RT @HyungJun87: 오늘은 에디킴 콘서트 가야지


Kim Hyun Joong - Keyeast Mobile Update- 080814
cr: @専用Rida


Kim Hyun Joong FB Update - 070814
trans BY: 5StarsAs1

1년중 가장 덥다는 말복인 오늘!!!
우리 페친 여러분들은 어떻게 보내시고 있나요???
비도 오고...후덥지근한 요즘 날씨에 많이 지치고 힘드셨죠?!?
말복인 오늘은!! 보양식 한 그릇 뚝딱! 하시고 힘찬 하루 보내실 수 있도록
키이스트가 여러분을 응원 합니다^_^
"우리모두 아자아자 화이팅!!"

The hottest summer day(Malbok) of the year!!! How is every Facebook friends spending the day??? It rains too..it must be tiring in a humid weather like this. In the hottest summer day like today!! Treat yourself with a bowl of healthy food and Keyeast will be here with you^_^ ‘’Everyone, go go hwaiting!!’
(Koreans believed that there are 3 days that are hottest in the summer, and Malbok is one of them. Usually, they will eat healthy food such as samgyetang to improve their appetite and replenishing energy)

5 مهر 93 ... تاریخ برگزاری میتینگ کیو ^^

Kim Kyu Jong Official Fan Meeting-Romantic Brunch with KYU
By Sakuradream501

Kim Kyu Jong Official Fan Meeting "Romantic Brunch with KYU" will be held on 9/27


خوب یه مصاحبه خیلی باحال از جونگ مین +عکسای ملوووووووووووووس
در ادامه مطلب

در یه بخشی از مصاحبه جونگ مین
 درباره کیو هم گفته:)

Some important points from the reports by Hot
Korea Translated into Chinese by ALLFORPJM

说到Summer Break,就想起以前跟朋友去泰国,因语言障碍被坑了打车钱不说,还被揽客带去看“特别”的SHOW(请自行想象),去了发现跟想的不一样要走,但被警察捉回去付钱,看了就要给钱啊,说“没看到没看到”.........

1. When talking about Summer Break, he recalls the time he went to Thailand with his friends, let alone the fact that because of the language barrier they`ve been cheated the taxi money, they`ve also been taken to watch a "special" show (please imagine by yourself), when they got there they realised it`s different from what they though it would be so wanted to leave, but have been stopped by the police to go back to pay the money, have to pay money if you watched it, he said "haven`t watched it, haven`t watched it".......


2. The thing he is distressed about recently is that "after Kyu Jong was discharged from the military service, he (JM) gave him a call asking him what is he doing, he (KJ) said he`s drinking with some friends, after we finished our conversation, he (KJ) hasn`t come to meet me at all (forces a smile), but even so he`s a very nice person, please watch closely over his future activities. He became skinnier and more handsome after being in the army, but...it`s still impossible for him to win over me, the charisma I have is different from his."

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