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Fancams >> Kim Hyun Joong 2014 World Tour -

When Today Passes

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The Words I want to say

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Beauty Beauty

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If you're like me

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Nothing on you

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سر این اجرا کلاهش رو می اندازه بین فن ها ^^

استیج رو
خوب نمی بینن، می ره همون جا آهنگ رو می خونه
Lucky Guy

Beauty Beauty
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اینجا هم چون فهمیده بود کسایی که طبقه ی دوم هستن

Final Talk

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 Kim Hyun Joong - 2014 World Tour in Osaka; Japan-14.08.05

Fancam >> I'm yours
20140805Ocean of green lights .. #2014KHJWorldTour

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When he first started the concerts it seemed really hard going .. But now that he's at the 5th concert, his body has gotten used to it; it isn't difficult anymore and time passes so much more quickly, reaching the end of the concert before he knows it.(doesn't need the red bull anymore since his body has gotten used to it)

Credit to @aaron9999KHJ from weibo:
大致 贤重 :一开始 觉得 公演是很辛苦的事情 可是公演到了第五场 身体已经习惯 不觉得辛苦了 而是越来越觉得时间过的很快 感觉公演很快就到结束的时候 (因为习惯了 所以没喝红牛)

Since he became a singer he'd performed in the nearby venue in Osaka, but had always wanted to perform in this big venue. Thanks to everyone he's finally been able to fulfill that wish.

Cr 爱贤21度C
#金贤重# 14.08.05‘梦幻’世巡---大阪场[爱你]偶吧:我从成为歌手开始就在大阪城hall隔壁的场馆举办过演唱会,但是无论何时,都想在大阪城hall举办演唱会。多亏了大家,这个愿望得到了早日实现。[泪]

Translated from Japanese:: @chocolatdaleKHJ's tweet


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Kim Hyun Joong 'Inspiring Generation' Fan Meeting in Osaka-14.08.05
Credit:  http://korepo.com/archives/48686+@ridamasa+ @Up2KHJ +  http://www.weibo.com/u/2245436355+ @ahlia0606 + http://www.weibo.com/ning4280 + http://www.weibo.com/u/2823119184+ @akihyunjoong


Asked if he had long conversations with Gaya, said he's not the type normally to have long conversations. But when they were rehearsing the script sometimes the conversations would extend to 10 mins...

Credit soso_life via Korean to Chinese translation by Betty_henecia

#金贤重##感激时代大阪FM# 被问到有和伽耶长时间的通话过吗?偶吧说自己本来不是会长时间通话的性格,但是要和伽耶一起对台词,有过长达十几分钟的通话 fr soso_life_

IG FM: watching the kiss scene on the bed with Ok Ryeon- HJ: it didn't seem strange watching at night, but a little strange in the daytime

~you're really incorrigible, HyunJoong!! lol!
Tweet Updates @ IG-Fan Meet Osaka 6-5-2014:
cr: @Illu Blue
#IGFM Q:Did you have to take note of anything specially for the action scenes?

A: when we got the timetable for the second day, if the
re were topless scenes, then I'd take a look at my body at bath time, and think,"would it be better if I didn't eat today?" - thus adjusting as I went along. Everyone looks at their bodies, right? No? (Laughs)

Translated by @爱贤21度C:
#金贤重# 14.08.05感激时代FM in 大阪 Q;为了出演动作场面有什么特别注意的事么? A:拿到第二天的时间表,如果有要脱衣服的场景,洗澡时看着自己的身体,心想着‘今天不吃饭更好吧?’那样调整身材。大家也会看自己的身体吧?不看吗? (笑)[汗]脑补着@金贤重 对着镜子看自己的身体,也是醉了[拜拜]

Besides the usual q & a with hj and ISY, they played the true or false game to pick out fans using that blue and pink paper given to fans. Those who remained standing had a playoff with HJ and ISY using scissors paper stone.

Then ISY sang an English song that was in IG

There was a 2nd talk session with HJ (no Gaya) only
HJ had to roll a dice. 1st was a no. 5. HJ draw a cartoon character ( I think he just invented one!).It looked like a pocupine . Hj picked a seat no. to give this drawing away. He signed it. .In chinese charcters too.
Next game was to feed cotton candy to a fan. Same method to draw from seat no.
Hj fed cotton candy to fan. Fan fed same to HJ

Account credit Jacq
Trans cr: @loving_khj


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