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Kim Kyu-jong Fan Meeting 2015 Schedule...Kim Hyung Jun Instagram Update .. Kim Hyung Jun Year End Party ...Kim Hyun Joong at Jaksal Chicken Restaurant -14.12.29

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پریروز هیون رفته بوده رستوران جاکسال ^^  دو تا از طرفدارا ازش امضا گرفتن...
Kim Hyun Joong at Jaksal Chicken Restaurant -14.12.29


اینم ترجمه انگلیسی فن اکانت شه .. از کامنتهایی که دختره و دوستش گذاشتن برداشته شده ;)

Translation of more of the Fanaccount by @Henecia-momo on weibo
Taken from the comments section

She was talking to her friend, saying that HJ hadn't been to Jaksal for a very long time, and both were watching the Jaksal staff and thinking of HJ when suddenly someone appeared beside them, wearing a cap down low so they could only see the lower half of his face. They were thinking yet another handsome guy had appeared, but as they looked, they realised something wasn't right... It seemed like HJ.. And !looked some more... It really was HJ
She got her passport and passport cover signed while her friend had her passport and phone cover signed. She'd actually wanted to get an autograph on a photo but had left it at the hotel and had nothing for him to autograph on, since they hadn't expected to meet him there

اول نمی شناسن هیون رو..  چون کلاه داشته فقط قسمت پایین صورتش معلوم بوده..
بعدشم عکس همراهشون نبوده چون فکر نمی کردن اصلاً هیونو ببینن اونجا،
 مجبور می شن پاسپورتاشونو بدن روی جلدش واسشون امضا کنه :| :)))

At the time apart from her friend and herself, there was only one other table with what looked like Japanese fans seated there
He had his head down playing on his phone, humming softly but they couldn't hear what song it was he was humming
He seemed ok, looked his usual self

در کل گفتن حالش خوب بوده ^^
سرش پایین بوده، با گوشیش بازی میکرده و واسه خودش یه آهنگی هم می خونده آروم :))


Kim Kyu-jong Fan Meeting 2015 Schedule

This is B2M Entertainment

We'll announce Kyu Jong's fan meeting scheduled
Kyu Jong decided to meet with the fans for celebrating Valentine's day and his birthday

Thank you


آپدیت های اینستاگرام هیونگی ^^
Kim Hyung Jun Instagram Update - 14.12.30

Kim Hyung Jun - Instagram Update - 14.12.29

Kim Hyung Jun Year End Party

Cr: http://www.weibo.com/momokim  Source: http://www.kyu-jong.com/.Hello2015 February 14th (Sat) is comingDetailed ticketing related news will be on the official website after the announcement.Cr: http://instagram.com/p/xPE4rMlI_Y/  http://instagram.com/p/xNbWzsgN1r/  http://instagram.com/p/xNbWzsgN1r/  Cr: http://instagram.com/p/xMmH0IixB7 

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