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جونگ مین به لی های زیبایش افتخار میکند و برای خرید ملک به تایوان رفتFeb [Trans] Park Jung Min proud of his beautiful butt, flew to Taiwan for beef noodles and wishes to buy estate*

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بروبکس با اوپا جونگ مین آپم

Original source:  http://ent.appledaily.com.tw/enews/article/entertainment/20140221/35654719/
English trans  @Josi3 / kelemama



Park Jung Min proud of his beautiful butt, flew to Taiwan for beef noodles and wishes to buy estate

Korean group SS501‘s member Park Jung Min is having fanmeeting at 2pm and 7.30pm at Taipei Da-Tong Sports Stadium tomorrow, he used to film drama in Taiwan. He arrived the night before the fanmeeting and immediately head over to Ba-De Road to eat beef noodle, drank green tea yakult to satisfy his craving. He confidently said in Mandarin: “I can place order on my own.” and revealed, Taiwan is a place where he can relax, consider buying property in Taiwan, and welcome everybody to give him recommendations on the location (to buy property).

Park Jung Min came with SS501 to Taiwan for 3 times, 3 years back long stay for 7 months, filmed idol drama [Fondant Garden], and fell in love with Taiwanese food. The moment he arrived (in Taiwan) day before yesterday, he headed straight to Lin Dong Fang Beef Noodle, he said in Mandarin: “I like half tendon half meat.” and said: “I like to come back to film again if there’s chance, and also considering to buy property in Taiwan, but is not familiar about the region and location.”

He is most satisfied with his buttock and skin, laughingly said: ”I feel the shape of my buttock is very nice, but no one has seen before!” He hasn’t had any activities (in Taiwan) for about 3 years, lastly he used Mandarin to solicit:“Everybody must come, please!” His fanmeeting sales has sold 70%, for ticket purchase please contact 7-11 ibon.

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