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Sightseeing in Seoul can work up an appetite. If you’re on a budget and still hope to glimpse singer and “Boys Over Flower” star Kim Hyun Joong, you may want to visit one of the many branches of the Jaksal Chicken Restaurant. You may even see him washing dishes there as the restaurant was started by Kim Hyun Joong and a few of his elementary school friends. Jaksal Chicken Restaurant now has several Korean branches and now the first Japanese branch is in the works.
Why chicken?
According to his longtime friend and co-founder Chi Min Su, when he and Kim Hyun Joong were younger, they worked a lot of part time jobs in chicken restaurants and said that one day they would open a restaurant of their own. The friends have remained close and refer to each other as brothers. Even though he became famous, their bond remains strong.
The first branch of the chicken restaurant was opened in the neighborhood Kim Hyun Joong grew up in and the menu features his favorite dishes. Those dishes include Ddukbokki or rice cake stew, omoktang or fishcake soup and Mandutang, which is dumpling soup.

Among the branches, there is one in Ilsan that is managed by Kim Hyun Joong’s parents. And while many celebrity restaurants rarely receive visits from their celebrity founders, the “Unbreakable” singer has more than once been seen dining at his restaurant and he was even snapped in the kitchen washing dishes. Not only can Kim Hyun Joong sing, dance and act, but he does dishes.
The restaurant is located at 171-9 Seokchan dong, Songpa in Seoul. You can take Subway Line 8 to the Seokchon Station, Exit 7. Go straight and turn right on the first side street. You will see the restaurant sign on your left.
For more information, call 02 415 5413/4 or visit the Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jaksal-Chicken-Restaurant/174787435932768
Kim Hyun Joong can soon be seen playing a tough street fighter in the drama “Inspiring Generation.”

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